Up-Sell Offer to Replace Product

Up-Sell Offer - is a pop-up offer that opens when a specific product is added to the checkpot page. It suggests replacing a product added with another one that is more profitable. If the customer agrees, then the product added earlier is removed, and the product being offered is added.

Additionally, when opening the offer, a promotion code, can be applied to the prices in it. This makes the offer more attractive to the customer.

Use the up-sell feature to offer your end customers the following:

  • Premium versions of the same product or other products.
  • Same products but with extended configuration models.
  • Discounts.
  • Participation in your additional promotion campaign.

Example of how to run an additional promotion campaign using an up-sell offer:

  • Create a promotion code for a replacement product.
  • Contact our support team to set up an up-sell offer using this promotion code.
  • After the up-sell offer becomes active, the customers who agree to the product replacement offered become participants in your additional promotion campaign.
  • Contact our support team to get the list of the orders created using your promotion code.
  • Use the order list to run another additional promotion campaign among your participants.
  • Offer to replace one product - a current product in the checkout page and a new product are displayed.
Offer to replace one product
  • Offer to choose from several products - a list of several products is displayed (the one added earlier to the checkout page may also be found in the list).
Offer to choose from several products

In the examples above, the offer texts (offer name, description, comment), the banner image and the arrow can be replaced with any other equivalent for each offer.
The system texts (window name, buttons, etc.) can be customized for the checkout page as a whole.

Contact our support team to set up the up-sell feature.

You must provide the following information:

  • Main product ID. When adding this product to the checkout page, an up-sell offer is displayed.
  • Replacement product ID. This product is offered as a replacement. There can be one or more products, depending on the offer type.
  • Offer texts (offer name, description, comment)
  • Offer images (banner).
  • Promotion code (coupon). It is required if you need to apply a discount amount to replacement products.
    Note: Up-sell offers use standard promotion codes. The customer can activate such a promotion code separately from their up-sell offer on the checkout page (if they know the promotion code).

If necessary, the service texts and the styles of the offer window can also be modified.