Automatic Fulfillment via License Pools

If you generate electronic product licenses to be sent to customers, you can use the option to send licenses automatically.

Using the pool, you can save a certain quantity of licenses on our end. After the customer fulfills their order payment for a product, the system automatically receives a license for this product from the pool and sends it to the customer.

If the pool is about to run out of your licenses, the system sends you an email notifying of the need to replenish the pool.


  • License information must be in text format.
  • If you generate license information as a file, you must save it on your end. Concurrently, the links leading to the files are stored in the pool. 

How it works

  • Get started:
    • You pre-generate product licenses and provide them to us.
    • We upload these licenses to our storage (pool).
  • The customer executes a successful purchase.
  • The system extracts the required license from the pool and sends it automatically to the customer by email.
    The data sent is also saved in orders. We may use them to display license information to customers on the order page, or resend it if customers contact our support team.
  • The license quantity to be sent when the customer orders several units of the same product:
    • One license - regardless of the number of units of one product in an order.
    • A separate license per unit of one product in an order.
  • The license quantity set in the pool that is when reached triggers the system to send you the notification reminding of the need to replenish the pool.

You have to contact our support team to set up automatic sending.

Please provide the following data in your request:

  • The list of the products for which you want the tool to be set up.
    The license information for each of the products. You must provide it in text form. You can also provide it as a file. Each of the license keys must occupy a separate line in this file.
  • The pool settings that you want to be configured.