Track Statistics

You can track user interactions measured when your end customers interact with your checkout page. You can use a tag (e.g. Google Analytics) as a tracker.

Use the Google Tag Manager (GTM) container to implement your tracker (tag).

By default, our GTM container is connected to your checkout page. If you want to manage the tags yourself and view the collected statistics, we can connect your GTM container to your checkout page. There is a mandatory requirement for connecting your GTM container. You have to provide our account with guest access for viewing the statistics.

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In addition to the standard features, we support transfer of e-commerce data in the format of Google Analytics. This will allow you to get extended information on your sales.

To get started you need:

After you register your account:

  • Open the Tag Manager website: log in to work with it under your Google account.
  • Create a GTM container for your checkout page in the Account Management section.
    If you create a new Tag Manager account, a new GTM container is created automatically.
    Otherwise, you have to select an account and create a GTM container in it.
    More details in Google Help: Set up and install Tag Manager
  • Copy the ID of your GTM container formatted as GTM-NNNNNN. You will need it later to connect GTM to the checkout page.

To connect your GTM container to the checkout page, please contact our support team. Specify the ID of your GTM container formatted as GTM-NNNNNN in the request.

Using GTM, you can connect a tag like Google Analytics and such. See the list of supported tags on the website of GTM.

To connect:

  • Create a tag following its documentation
  • If you already have a tag collecting the statistics of your catalog, you can use it. In this case, instead of creating a new tag, set up cross-domain tracking in the existing one
  • Publish the tracker tag in GTM
  • Check how the tag operates

To connect the Google Analytics tag, see the instructions in Google Help: